Monday, March 29, 2010

Oxnard Gem & Material Class

I've now had my 2nd class teaching enameling at the Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society at Durley Park. I've got 7 students with 0 background and they tell me they are loving it. The first class we just learned sifting enamel and cleaning copper. The 2nd class we did experimentation on copper. I had my students clean the full piece then put klyre fire on 1/2 the piece of copper followed by sifting flux over the klyr fire and making sure the flux was cleared off the other half. We warmed it up on top of the kiln to burn off the moisture, then placed the pieces into the kiln at 1350 deg.F for 90 seconds.

Next I had them place flux over the burned side of the copper and refire.

They loved what they got.

The next class is next week and we will be starting on fine silver and cloisonne.

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